Code Engine Type Power Weight (kg)

KDW1003 Kohler Diesel (electric starter – three-cylinder – liquid cooling)

17,5 kW – 23,7 HP


KD625-2 Kohler Diesel EXTRA UE (two-cylinder with electric starter – air cooling)

18,8 kW – 25,5 HP


400V-50Hz Electric Three-Phase

15 kW – 20 HP


It is ideal for industrial pavers that require a high- powered machine to perform quick and precise cuts and for companies that perform large-scale jobs.

Max diameter disc (mm)700
Disc hole diameter (mm)25,4
Max cutting depth (mm)270
Steel cooling water tank capacity (l)80
Sound emission level (dB)110
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm)1500x900x1080

Electric starter
Automatic work advance by hydraulic shifter
Adjustable handle
Engine stop safety lever
Adjustment cutting depth by electro-hydraulic control equipped with variable speed lifting and lowering button
Engine guard with attachment point for lifting
Auto-priming water pump for diamond blade cooling
Adjustable rear axle to adjust the cutting direction and adapt it according to depth and resistance
Disc water cooling system on both sides
Cutting adjustment index
Swivel wheel for agile movement of the machine in the working direction
Diamond blade for asphalt and concrete
Blade guard Ø 900 mm (max cutting height 370 mm)
Semiautomatic advancement and adjustment cutting depth by hand hydraulic pump
Technical documentation and CE certificate