Success comes when opportunity meets qualification

MAKER was born on April 7, 1987 in the cradle of Montefeltro in the Schieti Industrial Area of Urbino, thanks to Serenello Vecchietti, founder and current administrator of the company, who wanted to DESIGN and MANUFACTURE building and road light construction machinery.

Since 1994, MAKER has been identified with the production of Cutting Machines and since then, we have continuously developed new models and expanded our range with complementary products. Thanks to this process, today we offer one of the most extensive ranges on the market, all 100% Made in Italy.

In 2006, MAKER overhauled its factory, creating new production lines and expanding the areas dedicated to assembly and shipping.

MAKER’s sales network covers the whole of Italy and we regularly export to over 30 countries worldwide. This has been thanks to our clear export led strategy and our continuous investment in marketing to consolidate our Brand throughout the world.

The commitment and professionalism of the whole Vecchietti family and MAKER Team in producing our range of light construction machines can be seen in the attention we pay to design, the superior quality of our products and in our continuous search for the best technical solutions. MAKER is a totally customer-orientated company assuring diligent, customized technical support to all our clients from the time of the sale and beyond. Thanks to this approach, we have become a market leader.


“Quality is never accidental; it is always the result of an intelligent effort”

MAKER’s ultimate goal has always been to satisfy its customers. This is why we are engaged in continuous Research, Development and Innovation with an unrelenting commitment to superior quality while ensuring maximum safety. Thanks to our experience in light construction machinery and our flexible and dynamic structure, MAKER has developed the ability to respond favourably to all customer needs. Indeed, we have allocated a dedicated areas in our plant exclusively to the design and production of customized machines.


“The greatest asset of a company is represented by its customers, because without customers there are no companies”

MAKER offers a full, professional after-sales service providing around the clock trouble shooting assistance and machine maintenance when necessary.

MAKER has a dedicated Team to after sales service which is qualified to solve customers’ problems and to provide all required information and documentation about the characteristics, components and spare parts of our machines.

MAKER has a large, dedicated area for spare parts which are all coded and readily available for immediate delivery anywhere around the world allowing our customers to continue their work without wasting valuable time.


“Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success”

MAKER only sources its raw materials from accredited Italian suppliers with a proven record in assuring the highest, consistent quality, safety and meeting confirmed delivery dates. This includes all commercial parts, customized parts and engines assuring our customers of the highest quality and most durable equipment.

All MAKER projects are developed using the latest 2D / 3D graphic design software.

Our production plant is comprised of dedicated areas for cutting, turning, milling and welding. MAKER has its own painting booth which allows us to provide our customers with machines in different colours and to provide OEM solutions with short delivery times.

The series production of standard, semi-finished components is sub contracted to highly specialized, accredited local suppliers

MAKERS’s sales and production departments work together very closely assuring efficiency and allowing us to respond immediately to customers’ queries concerning the status and progress of their orders.


“Quality is to meet the customer’s needs and to exceed their expectations by continuing to improve one’s self”

MAKER implements a quality control system which include checks throughout the production processes to ensure that any deviations and discrepancies are quickly detected and eliminated.

MAKER rigorously tests every single machine following a detailed check list prior to shipment.

All MAKER’s machines are equipped with adhesive labels with the safety instructions and an aluminum plate with the main technical data, serial number and year of manufacturer assuring easy traceability. They are also equipped with a user and maintenance manual and a CE certificate of conformity. Each machine is then carefully packaged using the strong, robust material to minimize the risk of damage during shipment.